Tradition is to hand over the fire and not the ash.


Heiner Zimmermann translates traditional form into contemporary design and Art.

Heiner Zimmermann is an ambassador of his craft. Growing up in his father's forge, he soon learned and appreciated ancient techniques and traditions with hammer and anvil. Heiner stepped into big shoes and is now, like his father Paul, counted among renowned designers and artists worldwide. He finished his formal training 1991 as the national champion and was awarded with the "Good Design Award" (now known as "Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany"). Other awards followed.

During his formative years, supported by several scholarships, he travelled and worked for renowned metal artist across the continent and in the United States. Further training in conservation, art and architecture history followed in Venice. After his master's certificate in 1998, he took over his father's forge in Pliezhausen. 

Heiner Zimmermann's works are always the result of a search for form, structure and surface that touch and moves the spectator. His works respect material and forging tradition without neglecting demands of the contemporary design. From an individual creation process comes unique work, the development history symbolizes the union of an idea and will through the material iron.

Since 2009 Heiner Zimmermann holds a Professorship in Metal Art at HDK University of Gothenborg in Sweden.  

Text: Jannina Eisele


"Contemporary craft is about making things. It is an intellectual and physical activity where the maker explores the infinite possibilities of materials and processes to produce
unique objects." Rosy Greenlees Director Crafts Council


Heiner Zimmermann



Startet to learn from my father 1987. Ever since I have not let the fire go down.
Thank for all the trust and support i experianced.

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Kronengasse 6
72124 Pliezhausen
+49 7127 88595


Hemslöjdsvägen 1
660 10 Dals Långed

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