Artistic understanding

Traditional hot worked metal is identified by distinct design styles that are still commonly seen around the world.  My goal is to bring this century old profession with all of its techniques into the art of the 21st century.  I believe contemporary design should include a revised use of traditional techniques and materials. In my approach to design I consider all metal processing techniques available to me, but I try to give hot working the central role in my artistic research and experimentation.


Focusing on craft and material experiments I continually work to discover new forms of expression.  For me experimentation is a key element of developing contemporary design. My approach to experimentation includes:

Reduction of single techniques

schaleVessel by Heiner Zimmermann

Overlapping of Techniques
liquide6Sculptur by Heiner Zimmermann

Interpretation of traditional forms
menschen Sculptur by Heiner Zimmermann


Traditional techniques used in modern context
fossilVessel by Heiner Zimmermann

By working with a new approach to traditional techniques I am looking to uncover new ways to portray ideas.

Design Process:

My projects are all customized for individual customers and because of their particular needs every project requires a new creative approach. Often my designs are reflections of relevant cultural, ethical, philosophical or social ideas. Once our themes are identified I figure out ways to consistently implement these ideas throughout my design. I see my work as a source of visual communication.

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